Due to the pandemic Covid-19 and the measures that are in place, the Clare Association Dublin/Muintir an Chláir Annual Dinner Dance has been postponed until further notice together with the AGM planned for Wednesday 27th, May 2020. Stay safe!

If you are from County Clare and would like to join The Clare Association - Muintir an Chláir, Dublin please apply for membership by by downloading a membership form here.  Post the completed form together the €10 membership fee to us at the address below, and a  membership representative will contact you as soon as possible.

Honorary Secretary, Clare Association, Dublin. 5 Lily's Way, Ongar, Dublin.

Tel: 086 - 8030365    E-mail: info@clareassociationdublin.ie


 Muintir an Chláir - Clare Association Dublin Rule Book

1. That the name of the association shall be "The Clare Association - Muintir an Chláir"

2. That this association is the representative body of Clare men and women resident in Dublin and its outlying areas.

3. That the aims of the association shall be:

(A) To foster the spirit of brotherhood and comradeship among Clare people resident in Dublin.

(B) To stimulate and increase in members a pride in their native county.

(C). To foster social, cultural and economic interests of Clare people resident in Dublin.

(D) To foster Gaelic games

(E) To render where possible, aid and cooperation to worthy undertakings, objects and causes in or associated  with County Clare.

(F) To work towards the establishment of a Clare social centre in the city.

4. The association shall consist of members approved by the Executive Committee.

5. The persons holding office in the association shall be natives of County Clare.

6. The annual membership shall be xx or xxx for lifetime membership.

7. Membership of the association may at any time be terminated by a majority vote of the executive committee. A person whose membership has been terminated by the executive committee shall be notified in writing by either of the Honorary Secretaries within one week of the decision being made. A person whose membership has been terminated shall have the right to attend and appeal to the general meeting following his or her suspension and a majority vote of that meeting may confirm or over-rule the decision of the executive committee, as regards his or her suspension.

8. Only members whose subscriptions have been paid up to date shall have the right to vote.

9. The governing body of the association shall consist of an executive committee, which shall include President, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Joint Honorary Secretaries, Honorary Treasurer and two trustees, together with ten members elected at the Annual General Meeting. A member of the Executive Committee who absents himself/herself from three consecutive meetings or five meeting in a year and whose absence is not held excused shall be deemed to have terminated his/her membership of the executive committee for the remainder of that year. 

10. The Executive Committee shall have the power to co-opt a maximum of five further members should it ever deem it necessary to do so, it shall also have the power to fill vacancies by co-option.

11. The Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting, which shall take place in March of each year. Only persons of at least six months membership in attendance at such meetings or whose absence there from is held excused shall be held eligible to hold office on the executive committee.

12. A general meeting may elect further committees to deal with social, organising or cultural activities. These committees shall at all times be governed by the Executive Committee.

13. The association shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

14. A bank account shall be opened in the name of the association at such bank as may be approved by the executive committee and may be drawn upon only by the signatures of the Chairman, Honorary Secretaries, Honorary Treasurer and Trustees. Any two of the above mentioned signatures will suffice to make a withdrawal. At the discretion of the executive committee, moneys may be deposited in the association's name in the Post Office savings account, invested in savings certificates, or used for the purchase of prize bonds.

15. A correct and up-to-date account shall be kept by the Honorary Treasurer showing the financial position of the association. These accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting in audited form. Auditors shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee.

16. All accounts, minute books etc. shall be at all times the sole property of the association and shall be handed into the keeping of the elected Chairman at each Annual General Meeting.

17. Either of the Honorary Secretaries shall record minutes of all general and executive meetings.

18. No member of the association shall pledge the credit of the association without due authority from the Executive Association.

19. All members whose subscription has been paid shall be notified in writing of the Annual General Meeting and of any Extraordinary General Meeting called in accordance with rule 22.

20. It shall be a member's responsibility to notify the Honorary Secretaries of address.

21. These rules may be amended only by a two-thirds majority of an Annual General Meeting or of an Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. Notice of such amendment must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least one calendar month prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting or at least fourteen days prior to the date of the proposed Extraordinary General Meeting.

22. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called:

(A) By either the Honorary Secretaries on the authority of the Chairman.

(B) By the Executive Committee.

(C) By requisition for the purpose of the meeting and signed by at least 12 members of the association and lodged with either of the Honorary Secretaries.

23. No less than six members of the Executive Committee shall form a quorum and no less than ten members a General Meeting.

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